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Please be our partners in Children's Evangelism.  We believe that Child Evangelism is one of the most important aspects of ministry.  The children of today make up the church of tomorrow. is a part of Feeding His Lambs Ministries which is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization. This means you will get a tax deductible receipt for your donations.

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We are an extremely small ministry made up of two families and a few relatives who support our ministry with their donations.  We are not supported by Amazing Facts or any church or denomination. A Special Thank you to the families who have gone out of their way to help us minister to the children.

However, there are many more expenses and many more projects we would like to do.  Here are some of the projects.

WEEKLY BIBLE LESSONS: Each week's Bible lesson costs us between $800 and $1000 in time and materials depending how much video editing and preparation needs to be done. We at one point thought we would be able to make up part of this cost by selling DVD's, however we found out that the felts were copyrighted and we were unsuccessful in getting permission to sell DVD's from the copyright holders. 

Additional Equipment Needed: We purchased one high quality camera and would like to get one more so that the image color is more uniform when we switch between different camera angles. The camera we purchased was called a Panasonic DVX100B, it runs just under $3000, we should also have at least one more good tripod.  The one we purchased was made by Manfrotto and cost $800.

Financial Support Needed: In order to continue producing the weekly Bible lessons we need approx. $900 per week.

CHILD EVANGELISM TRAINING: We have several requests from poorer nations to come and hold Children's Evangelism training classes.  We would like to be able to hold these classes and train church leaders, pastors, evangelists, and Bible workers for a given region in large multi-day training sessions.  It takes money to buy the airplane tickets and all that is required for these types of programs.  Please help us teach others how to reach the children of the world with the Everlasting Gospel.

CHILDRENS EVANGELISTIC ONLINE DVDs: We would like to produce a set of Childrens Evangelistic DVDs.  We actually recorded a Live evangelistic series of meetings in Lincoln California this past spring. We were ready to start the video editing process but recently found out that we cant proceed because of copyright issues with the felts.  We anticipated that the video editing would take between 3 and 6 months of full time work and hoped to recoup some of the costs by selling DVDs.  That now appears to not be an option.  If we had the funding, we could hire out the video editing and allow the program to be watched on our website.  We would also need some funds to provide the web streaming service that would be required.  If you think this is a worthy project, please support it with your prayers and donations.  See the first sample program entitled Revelation of Jesus  you can find it on this page.

NEW Digital FELTS: Due to the problems above we are considering producing our own set of Digital felts that we could use to make Video / DVD products.  Then we would own the rights and not be hindered in spreading the Gospel to children.  This project would require some additional funds to get us going. Some family members have offered to help create some of the artwork, but we would also probably need to hire out some of the required work.  We think the potential of this project is great, but it will require a mountain of work.  Will you help us be like Caleb and take on this mountain?  These Digital felts would allows to make powerpoints of the lessons that we could sell to teachers and parents.

Please help us by donating to these projects, purchasing our products, and keeping us in prayer.

Please send a check to:

Feeding His Lambs Ministries
PO Box 1275
Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Our Phone Number is 509.738.2454

Please attach a note specifying where the donation is to be applied:   Child Evangelism Training, Childrens Evangelistic  Series Online, New Felts, Ministry Operations, or Wherever Most Needed

PLEASE NOTE: You can certainly donate to any of these projects using this online form, however, we are a very small ministry and every dollar counts. Our preference is for you to send us a check by mail.  (by doing this we wont incur the typical 2-3% merchant processing costs.)
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