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D4C Series 21 Bible Study Worksheet Set

D4C Series 21 Bible Study Worksheet Set
21 Different Bible Topics - This is a resource CD that has Coloring Pictures and Bible Study worksheets that you can print out and use over and over again. The files are in the .pdf format for easy printing.

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This series is specifically designed to bring children security through the revelation of Jesus Christ.

The 21 Worksheets and Coloring Pages were created for the following topics:

Something You Can Trust
The Great Rescue
The Origin of Selfishness
Our Best Friend
Standing out in a Crowd
The Horn of Our Salvation
The Rich Young Ruler
The Safe Path
Satan in Chains
Saul's Tragic Conversation
The End of Sin
A Clean Heart from Jesus
The Longest Math Problem
Cleaning God's House
Ten Times Wiser
The Mark No One Wants
The Battle over Freedom
Dangerous Places
Being Like Jesus
Messengers of Light
Heaven is for Real

Please remember that every purchase helps us move forward in producing even more quality materials and programs for God's special lambs.  Thank you for your support.

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