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DVD - Origin of Selfishness

DVD - Origin of Selfishness
Not only children, but adults are captivated by this profound Bible message on the topic of the Origin of Evil. This was recorded at a live Evangelistic series in Kettle Falls Washington in 2012.

Learn the songs, enjoy nature pictures and sounds, watch the fascinating Digital Felts (wholesome & realistic graphics) which illustrate the Bible message.

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The lesson on this DVD, The Origin of Selfishness, covers Lucifer's fall from Heaven and teaches that we each have to choose which side we want to be on.

Included on the DVD, if you put it into a computer and browse the extra files, are a beautiful coloring page and Bible study lesson that you can print out.  The children will love these extra activities.

After watching this program, your children, and probably even you, will look forward to upcoming topics from Lisa's evangelistic programs.  Please remember that every purchase helps us move forward in producing even more quality materials and programs for God's special lambs.  Thank you for your support.

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