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YC11 - Two Rich Men Choose

YC11 - Two Rich Men Choose

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Jesus visits Zacchaeus and tells the story about the man who had such a large harvest that he decided to build bigger barns, also about the brothers who had a dispute over their inheritance. Click here for more information and to download the notes for Free.

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Free Children's Bible Lesson Download the notes to this Children's Bible Study.

What do the lesson numbers mean?
(Lesson YCQ1 11) This is lesson number eleven of the third year in a three year series of lessons that cover the Bible starting in Genesis and finishing in Revelation. YA = Year A or Year number 1, YB - Year B or Year number 2, YC = Year C or Year number 3. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 represents the particular quarter the lesson falls into, and finally the actual number of the lesson corresponds to the week of the year 1 - 52.

Can I buy this lesson along with others and get a discount?
This children's Bible study slideshow can also be purchased in our slideshow collection Volume #9. (Note: There is a significant discount if you buy the entire 13 lesson set which contains enough lessons for an entire quarter.)

Do I need Microsoft® Powerpoint® to run this Bible lesson slideshow?
No, the slideshows are based on Adobe's® Flash® technology and don't require any outside software. This slideshow can run on both Macintosh® and Windows® PC platforms. Macintosh® computers may require additional software that is available here: Download the Flash/Shockwave® Player for FREE

Can I use this on my website, videos, DVD's, or other publications?
No, these slideshows, and the images in them, may only be used in live public or private presentations, NOT over the internet, in videos, websites, or other forms. In order to obtain special usage rights for other uses and projects please contact Feeding His Lambs Ministries.

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