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13 Downloadable Coloring Pages - Year A, 4th Quarter

13 Downloadable Coloring Pages - Year A, 4th Quarter

This collection corresponds to the fourth quarter of the first year set of My Bible First lessons.

This special Teacher's Edition allows you to make copies for certain types of uses.

After purchasing this product you will be given a link that will allow you to download the files. This method of product delivery allows you receive the product quickly and helps you to save money by not having to pay for shipping and handling charges.

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These 13 beautiful coloring pages correspond to the 1st Year 4th Quarter lessons from My Bible First: Up and Down Years, The Call of Gideon, Little Tests, Samson, Faithful Ruth, Hannah's Prayer Answered, Samuel Hears God's Call, Angels Guard God's Ark, Wanting to Be Like Others, King Saul Becomes Proud, God Chooses a New King, David and Goliath, What Jealousy Does!

Contents of this CD:
Up and Down Years Joshua 13-24; Judges 1-2; 3:1-6 (MV: Joshua 24:15)
The Call of Gideon Judges 6  (MV: Psalm 56:3)        

Little Tests Judges 7 (MV: Zechariah 4:6)       

Samson Judges 13-16 (MV: Proverbs 5:22)       

Faithful Ruth Ruth 1-4 (Ruth 1:16)  

Hannahs Prayer Answered 1 Samuel 1; 2:1-11,18-21 (MV: Proverbs 20:11)

Samuel Hears Gods Call 1 Samuel 3 (MV: Jeremiah 1:7)     

Angels Guard Gods Ark 1 Samuel 4-6 (MV: Isaiah 42:8)

Wanting to Be Like Others 1 Samuel 8-10 (MV: Proverbs 3:6)     

King Saul Becomes Proud 1 Samuel 11-15 (MV: 1 Samuel 15:22)

God Chooses a New King 1 Samuel 16 (MV: Proverbs 8:33) 

David and Goliath 1 Samuel 17; 18:1-9 (MV: 1 Samuel 17:45)

What Jealousy Does! 1 Samuel 18:9-16; 19:1-21:9; 22:1-23; 24:1-25:1 (MV: Proverbs 18:24)

These coloring pages are in the .pdf format, the same as is in our free collection of coloring pages, however these are much higher quality and will take a little longer to download. We believe that you will think that the extra quality is worth the wait. 

The actual downloaded file is in the .zip format and is about 8megs.  It is best if you have a highspeed internet connection otherwise it might take a couple of hours or more to download the file.

This is a SPECIAL Teacher's Edition that allows you to make copies for certain types of uses.

These coloring pages can be used at home or photo copied for your use in your children's church school classes.

(Note: Duplication of the .pdf files or the printed copies is not allowed except as specified below.  Photo copies can be made for use by your children's classes, vbs program, or evangelistic series, however each church is required to purchase their own set.  The pictures can also be duplicated for use in your family. You may also make electronic copies of the .pdf files for back up purposes only, not for distribution or sales of any kind. Thank you!)

*Currently our online store is charging shipping for downloaded items, we are working to resolve this issue.  In the mean time, you can rest assured that we will not charge your credit card shipping and handling fees for the purchase of this product, even if the shopping cart displays a charge.  Thank you for your patience and prayers as we work to resolve this problem.
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