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DVD - The Horn of our Salvation

DVD - The Horn of our Salvation
Have you ever wondered if children can learn and understand the most difficult and sensitive of the Bible's Prophecies? As you and your children watch this DVD you will be amazed and blessed as you see the mysteries of Daniel 7 explained in one of the most Christ-centered ways you may have ever heard. Watch a sample of the program.

(The program length is approximately 54 minutes including the memory verse and the something in the box activity.)

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The lesson on this DVD, The Horn of Our Salvation covers the history of the rise and fall of nations as well as the differences and the battle between Christ and the Antichrist. 

Bible Scholars from Issac Newton to Martin Luther all studied this important prophecy, and nearly all came to the same conclusions.  These conclusions set those who wanted to be in harmony with the Bible at variance with the world and multitudes even lost their lives for the truths which they learned.

We suggest that parents watch this program with their children. We also suggest that you order this program as quickly as possible because the Bible indicates that in the near future, the Truth will be very difficult to find.  (See Amos 8:11-13)

After watching this program, your children, and probably even you, will look forward to upcoming topics from Lisa's evangelistic programs.  Please remember that every purchase helps us move forward in producing even more quality materials and programs for God's special lambs.  Thank you for your support.

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