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Coloring Pages

Children's Bible Teachers Training DVD's
"Bible Truth Coloring Pages"

Your children will be blessed by the wholesome and realistic artwork in these coloring pages. Their thoughts will be lifted from the things of this earth to the things of eternity.

We also have a new product that includes these coloring pages plus 23 evangelistic sermons on one CD. The price is $34.95, but you can order this CD today for $29.95 by calling 509.738.2454 by August 31st, 2008

  Children's Ministry News - Bringing Children Security through the Revelation of Jesus
Online Evangelism Reaches both Children and Parents in Far Away Places

The new website features an online evangelistic series.A few months ago Feeding His Lambs Ministries silently launched a new evangelistic website for children called Children's Bible Lessons Place but the public's response has been anything but silent.

"This search engine optimized website is already drawing 1000's of visitors every month and it is not even completed yet."
- John Quade

In May the site was visited more than 2000 times from people in the United States and by multitudes from 77 other countries including: Korea, China, France, Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, Hungary, Iran, Turkey, Zambia, just to name a few.

About Feeding His Lambs Ministries
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NEW Digital Felts Project
We recently have started creating what we call "Digital Felts."

They will allow us to film videos again, that can be watched on TV, DVD, or via the Internet.

You can watch our first one here: The Rejected Healer

You can learn more about this project here:

Please call 509-738-2454 to find out more about these digital felts and to support this project financially. We will send a copy of the new lesson "The Rejected Healer" on DVD to everyone who gives a donation towards this project.

New Products: The Wayne Hooper Sing a Bible Verse scripture song music books have now been republished. Their price is $7.95 (Please order them by calling 509-738-2454)

These beautiful scriptures songs make memorizing Bible verses fun and easy for both children and adults.

Click here to download our new order form.

Please Note: It takes money for us to operate and hire artists as well as pay for the webservices we utilize. Please support this work and help create more of these life changing programs, websites, and materials.

New Children's Ministry Website Even Reaches China

"Children from all around the world have been accessing this online evangelistic series."

"Several hundred children and families from around the world are viewing our websites each day. It is so exciting when one realizes what is happening, all we can say is Praise the Lord!"

         - John Quade

Please partner with us by giving a donation that will enable us to continue to create programs and websites that reach children across the globe with Christ's last day messages of hope.

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