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This 6 part training workshop was filmed live at Sacramento Central Church.

  Children's Ministry News - Child Evangelism Success
Bible Worker Uses Children's Program in Combination with Adult Evangelism And Reaches both Children and Adults

Whiteson, at far left, learning how to reach children in a 10 day workshop.In May 2004 Lisa Panasuk held a 10 day training workshop in Zambia North Africa. Close to 50 teachers, evangelists, Bible workers, and pastors came from all over Zambia and Zimbabwe to attend this specialized workshop held at Riverside Farms.

The students were thoroughly trained by lectures, practical examples, and practicing concepts and methods learned in the class with local children. The attendees each received a set of felts and other teaching materials from Feeding His Lambs Ministries and ASI.

Watch an exciting and heart touching video report of this workshop. (View a 3 min video Report) or learn about the results from the experience of an evangelist / pastor first hand.

Child Evangelism made our Evangelistic Meetings more Successful - by Whiteson Sichone (pictured at the far left of the image above) - edited by John Quade

After our child evangelism training workshop I held an evangelistic meeting in which I combined preaching to older people and children utilizing the felts.

Notice there are several rows of adults in the background.At first the number of children attending was poor because the meetings were being held during the night time. Complaints came to me so I decided to start an hour and a half earlier, this change brought good results. We had many more children attend as well as additional older men and women.

Whiteson using felts to teach children and adults about the Love of GodOne day I presented the Resurection using the felts, I explained how people will meet their beloved ones who died a long time ago and how happy it will be. Fathers and mothers meeting their children. As I was trying to explain this topic in detail, I saw two children weeping. One was 4 and the other 6 years old. I tried to help them. But they continued weeping. At the end of the meeting I asked those with questions to remain and the two children who were weeping also to remain so that I could pray with them.

When I asked these two children to explain why they were so sad they told me that their father died while they were still very young and their mother died just nine months ago. They said that they are now being looked after by their grandmother who is a smoker and a drunkard.

Grandmother and child.They asked me; "Is it possible for us also to meet our mother during the ressurection day?" I told them that if they only believe in Jesus it is very possible. I told them to go and tell this good news to their grandmother. I had a nice Bible study with her and she surrendured her life to Jesus along with her two grand children. She was one of many who were baptized at the end of our evangelistic meetings.

P.S. Riverside has done wonders in Zambia. Places that were not receiving any light now have the light of present truth. May the Almighty Father bless the director and leadership of Kafie Riverside.

Two additional people who were eventually baptised as a result of Whiteson's ministry to their children.Lisa you, and your supporters, did not do this evangistic work in vain.

Your Student,

Whiteson Sichone

P.S (The picture to the right is of two additional people who were eventually baptised after attending Whiteson's meetings, these parents came to the meetings because of their children. They now love Jesus and are walking in the truth of God's Holy Word.)

Note: These people in Africa and many others in many other countries need your support. Please support our efforts to hold children's evangelism training workshops around the world by becoming a supporter of Feeding His Lambs Ministries. While the people in Zambia are anxious to have us come back they do not have the funds to to get us there. Please support this work and help us hold more of these life changing workshops.

Children's Ministry Director Zambia, North Africa
Ida, Director of Children's Ministry, Zambia Union

"On behalf of Zambia Union, and on my own behalf, I would like to thank you, and our God who gave you all the knowledge and wisdom to share with us, new methods of evangelizing the children.

We have no words to express our heart felt thanks. May the kind good Lord bless you and keep you safe under His wings. Thank you."

Watch a 3 minute
video Report

Please partner with us by giving donations that will enable us to hold additional workshops in Zambia and other countries. Most of the people in these countries do not have the money to have us come and help them.

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